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Hair exposed to the sun can become dry, brittle and lose it's colour.

Like protecting the skin with SPF, hair needs to be cared for as well to defend against UV rays, heat, sand, salt and chlorine.



Your hair is an essential part of your image and self-esteem. For eleven long months you look after it with treatments and products that make it strong, shiny and lovely.

Then it’s holiday time. Sun, sea, sand and wind: everything making summer days fantastic is a

constant danger for hair making it dehydrated and enervated.

With the hydrating shampoo, nourishing cream and a powerful UV filter, you can be certain your hair is getting the best defence.

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We offer a 2 part treatment for you to take with you abroad or use during particularly sunny spells here. These can be brought in a kit for £29.90 and comes with a free gift for you to enjoy on your holiday.




To guarantee the best colour protection, the Framesi Research Laboratories have performed tests on how colour fades, caused by frequent washing and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Here are the most representative results on Intense Dark Violet and Titian Red.

LOCK A: Colour just applied

LOCK B: Colour after 3 weeks treatment* using commercial product lines not specific for sun exposure

LOCK C: Colour after 3 weeks treatment* with MORPHOSIS SUN Line

*ex-vivo test on treated hair locks, simulation of colour fading after 3 weeks of frequent washing and prolonged exposure to sunlight

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