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For those who care about the Earth and don't care for pharmaceutical chemicals, wanting a more "green" hair care range.

Wanting a product range made from natural ingredients and packaged in earth-friendly materials.



Hair care has strayed far from the first cleansers made from all natural ingredients available fresh from the Earth.

Today's hair care products have advanced from then to include ingredients made in a test tube that perform better than their natural predecessors. The downside of these better performing chemicals is that over exposure

can cause other skin, hair and health problems.

The plastic packaging used for centuries has become recyclable in recent years but still needs to go through the strenuous process to be able to be reused. To help the environment we must be using packaging that is easily biodegradable.

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We offer shampoo, conditioner and leave-in products with 99% natural ingredients to cleanse and treat the hair with any standard cleansing service, packaged in distilled, dehydrated and polymerised sugar cane for ease of recycling.



These same products are available to use at home and are safe for daily use to maintain hair and scalp health without causing any problems that may arise from the daily use of a standard cleansing routine.