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Men. Increasingly looking after themselves, now they want to enjoy the luxury of an exclusive tailor-made service from a professional barber.

Framesi created its first hair pomade back in 1950 and now it’s proudly going back to its roots to put its expertise at the service of the new Barber Generation.

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All men require some form of specific treatment for their hair and beard/shaving; whether it's for speed, frequent washing, thinning hair, impure, sensitive or oily scalp. Each treatment needs to be quick and easy, saving time and effort in a man's cleansing routine.


Professional active principles such as Red Grape, Ginger, Citrus Fruits and Incense will give you that gentle but effective treatment your hair and beard need for daily maintenance.

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Approved by Machete

The pride and joy of the Italian barber craft, Machete recommends Framesi Barber Gen, a range inspired by time-honoured wellness rituals that takes care of the hair and beard.