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When the production of sebum is excessive, the skin appears oily, impure and easily irritated, and the hair becomes heavy and without volume.

It is necessary to cleanse oily skin in a specific but gentle way.



Sebum, also known as grease or oil, is the oily secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin. This secretion is beneficial to the health and protection of the skin but when the glands produce too much, or if there is too much on the skin surface, bacteria builds up and can cause secondary conditions.

Simply removing the surface oil will not suffice in treating seborrheic conditions and can be harmful to the skin, deep down, gentle action is needed.

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis under microscope
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We offer a rebalancing scalp treatment for £5.95 where the scalp is exfoliated to gently remove dead skin cells and scalp impurities, then cleansed with a natural anti-seborrheic shampoo to keep the scalp clean, healthy and reduce the production of Sebum.


We recommend using our anti-seborrheic shampoo at home to keep the oils at bay and maintain a nice, healthy scalp. We do not recommend the use of commercial shampoos that supposedly offer the same result; these are too aggressive on the scalp and will strip the scalp without treating it.