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Deep, chocolate or ash, whatever your tone, natural or tinted, brunette hair is prone to becoming faded and dull. It requires specific attention to maintain intensity, depth and luminosity.

Artificially tinted hair will require added intervention to restore shine and brilliance between services.

Tinted brunette is created by introducing oxygen to the Melanin pigment in the hair and replacing with artificial pigment. This process can still cause mild damage as it alters the pH of the hair during the process, opening the cuticles of the hair. Professional home care is a necessity when treating tinted hair.



Natural brown hair is a lower presence of yellow/red Pheomelanin in the hair Cortex and a higher presence of the brown/black Eumelanin. Although it is natural the hair can still become dull and faded with over washing and heat application.

brunette damaged hair under microscope
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For extra care we suggest a Pro-Force upgrade for £10.45 to protect the hair during the tinting process and minimize structural damage. We would suggest follow-up in-salon treatments for hair that is too damaged to hold the pigment from £16.95 to keep the depth, health, strength and luminosity.



We recommend using our brunette care range to maintain the depth, tone and correctly nourish the hair. We do not recommend the use of commercial shampoos that supposedly offer the same result; these will create a harmful build up of pigment and can have the reverse effect in terms of nourishing and colour longevity.