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Whether natural or coloured, blonde hair is prone to becoming dull and lifeless. It requires more care and attention to achieve softness and luminosity.

Artificial blonde created by in-salon colour services will need further care to maintain natural strength and shine.



Natural blonde hair is a higher presence of yellow Pheomelanin in the hair Cortex and a lower presence of the brown/black Eumelanin. Although it is natural the hair texture tends to be quite delicate so is easily damaged by external influence.

Artificial blonde is created by introducing oxygen to the Melanin pigment in the hair so that the molecules will lighten and appear blonde. This process can be dangerous and harmful to the hair so extra care is needed during and after a blonding service.

Golden damaged blonde hair magnified



For extra care we suggest a Pro-Force upgrade for £10.45 to protect the hair during the blonding process and minimize structural damage. We would suggest follow-up in-salon treatments depending on your requirements from £16.95 to keep the health, strength and luminosity of your new blonde locks.



We recommend using our blonde care range to maintain the colour tone and correctly nourish the hair. We do not recommend the use of commercial shampoos that supposedly offer the same result; these will create a harmful build up of pigment and can have the reverse effect in terms of nourishing.

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