Updated services

To avoid contaminants residing on un-washed hair spreading around the premises, our cut only services have been temporarily suspended and replaced with our new Wash and Cut service.

Due to our restrictions on the amount of clients allowed into the premises at any time and minimising exposure time, not only have we suspended in-salon booking enquiries, we have also kept to 1 client per stylist. This means that we will try to be as time efficient as possible using added heat sources, alternative ranges or techniques that will allow for a shorter exposure time while maintaining optimum results and ultimate safety of the hair and scalp.

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Safety Devices

To minimise the risk of infection we have introduced a whole range of new safety tools that ensure the protection of our clients and our team.

Disposable gowns, towels, cutting collarscups, masks, toilet seat covers, and even our neck brushes designed and manufactured by Crayg.

Framesi Hand Gel - formulated from the heart with 65% Ethyl Alcohol, Lemon Essential Oil, and Organic Mallow Extract.

Our team have been equipped with N99 face masks, face shields, PVC aprons, and nitrile gloves where needed.

Where the safety distance may be threatened or face-to-face encounters will occur we have placed safety screens decorated with our signature heart icons.


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Hygiene and Procedure

As an incredibly clean clinic before the pandemic we still managed to find ways we could improve our hygiene to further protect our clients and team, including our new screening process to test the temperatures of everyone entering the building.

Our cleaning schedule has been updated to be fulfilled in between each client, and you will notice that we have removed our coat stand to now provide a freshly lined box for your to store your belongings during your time with us.

Contaminated items such as mobile phones can be placed into our UV and O3 Sterilising Boxes to minimise further risk to others, compatible phones can then be charged when placed on top.

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