Thanks to its Linden Extract and almond protein, shampooing becomes a hydrating, nourishing, restructuring, and volumizing action. The antistatic effect is very important too as it eliminates that troublesome phenomenon typical of fine, dry hair.


Transparent, colourless fluid



Particularly thin hair is also fragile. It tends to get heavy and lose volume much faster than thicker hair.

A gentle and light treatment, enriched with active ingredients capable of structuring the hair so that it maintains tone and volume for a long time, is needed.



  • ALMOND PROTEINS that nourish and repair hair fibre
  • CATIONIC AND SILICON POLYMER, helps protect hair and cosmetic colour
  • POLYQUATERNIUM 11, helps fix main principles to the shaft and maintain hair with body and easy to comb
  • BETAINE, amino acid that nourishes and hydrates scalp and hair
  • MODIFIED STARCH, disentangles, hydrates and nourishes the hair without weighing it down
  • PANTHENOL, hydrating and strengthening the shaft
  • FIXATIVE RESINS, coat and support the hair naturally
  • NATURAL CATIONIC FIXATIVE POLYMERS, for shine and volume, fight the anti-frizz effect and electrostatic charges, to protect against humidity and the heat from hairdryer and straightening iron

MORPHOSIS Volumizing Shampoo 250ml/1000ml

    • Pour the shampoo between your hands and spread it over scalp and hair massaging carefully.
    • Rinse well with warm water and repeat the application.