Protective, regenerating treatment; its rich formula combines the incomparable virtues of Oil of Argan with a vitamin, conditioner and protective filter mix. Responds to the various needs of the different hair types: it hydrates dry hair, revitalizes treated hair, and has an anti-age action on mature hair.


Limpid amber-coloured liquid



Each hair type needs to always be hydrated and nourished.

For a deeply conditioning action and an exceptional result, nothing is better than argan oil, a rare essence through which the traditional cosmetics comes at the service of the most advanced trichology.



  • EXTRACT OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC FRUIT that nourish the shaft in depth
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC BAOBAB OIL, with specific shining, hydrating and nourishing qualities
  • VITAMIN E, anti-oxidizer of proven effects
  • BETAINE, hydrating and revitalizing
  • PANTHENOL, hydrating, softening provitamin

MORPHOSIS Sublimis Pure Oil 125ml

    • Apply before and/or after drying to shine hair, hydrate it and control static electricity.