Conditioning, regenerating spray emulsion. Effective instantly, nourishes hair in depth, making it soft, shiny and disciplined. Particularly suited for thick hair.


White fluid emulsion



If the hair is very damaged, a deep reconstruction intervention is required: only particularly concentrated active ingredients can do that.

Prompt action must be taken with an intensive treatment for professional use.



  • Marine Collagen
    which fills the most damaged areas of the hair and helps restore its elasticity and combing ease.
  • Hyaluronic acid
    which helps the hair recover hydration and vigour.
  • Pearl Extract
    which repairs the hair from the inside and makes it compact and shiny.

MORPHOSIS ReStructure Leave-in 150ml

    • Spray evenly after MORPHOSIS RE-STRUCTURE SHAMPOO on towel-dried hair, or distribute on the hands and then on the hair, then comb.
    • Do not rinse and proceed with the desired styling.