Intensive, illuminating treatment for very dry, dull, weak, nerveless hair. To be used before Repair Conditioner, Repair Rich Treatment or Repair Velvet, it nourishes and repairs hair from inside thanks to its high penetration capacity.
Enriched with Sunflower Seed Oil that protects and hydrates.


Self-heating limpid serum



When the hair is dry, opaque and porous, its first need is the thorough repair of its deep structure and surface.

The optimal result is obtained by means of a treatment providing reviving substances that cling to the hair and restore it to its natural flexibility and brilliance.



  • NP CERAMIDES, to compact hair cortex
  • ALMOND PROTEIN, repairing
  • HYALURONIC ACID, hydrating and able to give the hair fibre back its flexibility
  • PANTHENOL, softening, shining action
  • QUATERNIUM-22, latest generation polymer that fixes in points where hair is the most damaged. Coats the hair fibre with a thermal-protective effect

MORPHOSIS Repair Serum 6x15ml

  • Cold use: for fast, instant treatment.

    • Towel-dry hair and spread the serum massaging.
    • Leave the emulsion obtained on for 5 minutes and rinse well.
    • Apply Conditioner, Rich Treatment or Velvet based on need.

    Hot use: for an in-depth treatment.

    • Towel-dry hair and massage the serum on all lengths.
    • Dry delicately with hair dryer and brush up to 80%.
    • Pass the iron over hair lock by lock until hair is almost completely dry.
    • Rinse well