An intensive, 48-day anti-hairloss programe for oily skin.


1x Densifying Shampoo 250ml

24x Densifying Activators 7ml

SAVING £12.40




The micro-encapsulated, biomimetic peptides are biotechnological active elements with a low molecular weight. The micro-encapsulation technology protects them and increases their biological-availability when applied, effectively transporting them into skin layers, down to the hair bulb, guaranteeing prolonged release over time. There are three peptides, for a full, synergic action on the hair bulb’s entire life cycle.



Tested people declare

  • 85% anti hair loss perceived efficacy 
  • 85% hair with more body 
  • 85% oily scalp rebalance 

Results visible in just 6 weeks
Stronger hair with more body
90% of tested people declare total satisfaction

MORPHOSIS Reinforcing Kit

  • Reinforcing Shampoo

    • Use at a normal frequency in place of your normal shampoo
    • Distribute on skin and damp hair, massage carefully to promote the skin microcirculation and rinse.

    Reinforcing Activator

    • Apply to the dry and well-buffed scalp 3.5 ml of product (half a vial) after shampooing or at least three times a week (or daily if necessary)
    • Massage thoroughly with circular movements to complete absorption
    • Do not rinse


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