Specific treatment to eliminate and contrast the return of microorganisms causing dandruff. With a delicate surfactant system, cleanses respecting the scalp’s hydro-lipid film, soothes itchiness fast and makes any hair type soft, docile and well-conditioned.


Limpid orange fluid



Among the hair's flaws, dandruff is the one causing the worst uneasiness because, in addition to causing itch and irritation, it is visible.

It needs constant but not aggressive care in order to cleanse the skin from the residues hindering oxygenation.



  • ORANGE EXTRACT, antiseptic, astringent
  • MENTHOL, deodorizing and refreshing

MORPHOSIS Purifying Shampoo 250ml/1000ml

    • Pour the shampoo between your hands and spread it over a wet scalp.
    • Massage with circular movements, pressing slightly with your fingertips to remove sebum deposits and dead cells.
    • Rinse and repeat applying it to lengths. End with a careful rinse.