Energizing spray for scalp and fragile hair.

Recommended at the end of an intensive anti - hair loss program to keep the scalp healthy and preserve hair density.

Contains extracts of Ginger, Incense, Red Grape with purifying, balancing properties, Arginine and Vitamin B6.




The micro-encapsulated, biomimetic peptides are biotechnological active elements with a low molecular weight. The micro-encapsulation technology protects them and increases their biological-availability when applied, effectively transporting them into skin layers, down to the hair bulb, guaranteeing prolonged release over time. There are three peptides, for a full, synergic action on the hair bulb’s entire life cycle.



  • GINGER, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and bacteriostatic
  • INCENSE, rich in hydrating, nourishing, conditioning polysaccharides
  • RED GRAPE, exfoliating and a regulator of sebum
  • ARGININE, with a vasodilator effect on the scalp that repairs the hair shaft
  • VITAMIN B6, BETAINE AND TAURINE, natural molecules with a nourishing action on scalp and hair, a texturizing action on hair shaft, a refreshing, soothing action on the scalp

MORPHOSIS Energizing Spray 150ml