Densifying activator serum for fragile hair. Especially indicated for women’s hair, favours micro-circulation with a beneficial heating effect and stimulates natural regrowth of hair, reinforcing its structure.
With Extract of Apple Stem Cells, protects the cells against oxidative stress and increases vitality with essential nutrients.


Colourless limpid liquid




The micro-encapsulated, biomimetic peptides are biotechnological active elements with a low molecular weight. The micro-encapsulation technology protects them and increases their biological-availability when applied, effectively transporting them into skin layers, down to the hair bulb, guaranteeing prolonged release over time. There are three peptides, for a full, synergic action on the hair bulb’s entire life cycle.



  • VITAMIN B6, works in synergy with zinc as an inhibitor of the 5-alpha-reductase
  • MAGNESIUM, in a biologically-available organic form, favours the absorption of minerals and vitamins
  • OIL OF NIGELLA, protective and hydrating on a sensitive, dry scalp
  • ARGININE, has a vasodilator effect on the scalp and repairs the hair shaft
  • VITAMINS H (biotin), E, PROVITAMIN B5 (panthenol), for cell wellness and functionality
  • BETAINE, an amino acid with strong hydrating power

MORPHOSIS Densifying Activator 12 x 7ml

    • Apply to the dry and well-buffed scalp 3.5 ml of product (half a vial) for at least three times a week (or daily if necessary)
    • Massage thoroughly with circular movements to complete absorption
    • Do not rinse