Bi-phase spray ideal for making colour last longer. Its silk-effect increases light refraction, valorising the intensity of cosmetic colour. Makes hair soft and hydrated without weighing it down. It performs an anti-frizz action; makes it easier to comb and protects against hairdryer and iron heat thanks to its formula with the seaweed Corallina Officinalis


Bi-phase liquid: limpid pink and white



Cosmetic color is nice when it is shiny and intense.

In order to keep it bright, it needs to be protected by specific products, gentle with coloring molecules and strong against external aggressions.



  • VITAMIN E, anti-ageing, anti-free radicals
  • INULIN, with hydrating power
  • QUATERNIUM-22, heat protection
  • SHES BUTTER, softening and disentangling

MORPHOSIS Color Protect Bi-Phase Spray 150ml

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    • Shake well before use.
    • Spray on wet hair from roots to ends before styling.