A revitalising, strengthening lotion for men’s finer, weaker hair. With a stronger stem shaft and firmer roots, the hair takes a thicker, denser texture that makes any hairstyle last longer.



The pride and joy of the Italian barber craft, Machete recommends Framesi Barber Gen, a range inspired by time-honoured wellness rituals that takes care of the hair and beard.

Framesi Barber Gen Fortifying Spray 100ml

    • After shampooing with the Framesi Barber Gen Fortifying Shampoo, spray on towel-dried hair and on the scalp.
    • Thoroughly massage on the scalp, then style as usual.
    • The Framesi Barber Gen Fortifying Spray can be used every day, even on dry hair.
  • Apply the Framesi Barber Gen Fortifying Spray just after showering, when steam makes the skin more responsive. If using other hair products, always apply the Framesi Barber Gen Fortifying Spray first.