Discover the hairstyles of the Italian Style Framesi and Italian Style Energy collection, inspired by new trends, and renew your look


by Italian Style Energy & Italian Style Framesi

Raw is the trend of those who choose natural elements that have not been modified by human hands. It is a return to the essence of the materials, which show roughness and ribs, crafted, thick and twisted textures. Raw is the search for a contact with Nature that is as real and solid as possible.


by Italian Style Framesi & Italian Style Energy


Giving space to Nature and letting it enter our lives can lead us to the delicate and slightly retro landscapes of a vacation in Provence. However, this simple, bucolic (or better, Bucolika) desire for natural lifestyle never falls into a nostalgic trap. Bucolika is not – or not only – grandma’s trunks full of embroidered linen smelling of lavender; it is not just the re-discovery of poetical wild flowers printed on wavering dresses; it is also not satisfied with white linen and cotton broderie anglaise blouses.


by Italian Style Energy & Italian Style Framesi


The third trend of the season gives voice to the fears of those who, being conscious of the disasters that humanity is causing to our planet, are worried about a future environmental catastrophe. A kind of revenge of Earth against Man. Their password is “resilience”, the ability to resist by adapting to changes and facing challenges of life now and in the future.


by Italian Style Framesi & Italian Style Energy


This trend gives us the opportunity for an escape. It is probably a mental escape rather than a physical one; an escape from our congested cities and contemporary life with all its problems. Indo-China takes us back to the fascinating time of the French colonies of the Thirties and Forties, offering us interesting stylistic suggestions and filling our fantasy with charming pictures smelling of tea and spices. We can imagine the boundless body of water of the rice-fields, peppered with small silhouettes wearing large straw hats: or a junkboat sliding smoothly and slowly along the Mekong River.




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