by Italian Style Energy & Italian Style Framesi


The look of the Posh woman is sophisticated, made of few elements, but super trendy. Aware of her own distinct personality, this woman is lulled into her certainties and allows herself the luxury of being brazen enough. She wears her favourite accessory every day, an irresistible, subtly bored pout. Very self-confident, she likes to show even her most sensual side. Who is Posh is by nature, without effort or artifice. It’s not a matter of wealth, but of attitude: snobbish and capricious, she always finds a way to stand out even in the smallest things.


by Italian Style Framesi & Italian Style Energy


A delicate woman, but also very witty, who lives life coloring the world pink. The Babylicious woman, while not wanting to appear sexy in the strict sense, is a great seductress and conquers thanks to her disarming sweetness, mixed with a good dose of naive malice. Her great source of inspiration are the 50s, for the use of color, the maniacal attention to detail and, above all, the ideal of the perfect woman for that time: beautiful, graceful, well-groomed... exquisitely female. Babylicious rhymes with bon ton, luscious, hyper-feminine. It is a trend that lives on many small elements that have the flavour of cotton candy and childhood memories, which often inspires it.


by Italian Style Energy & Italian Style Framesi


Urban Crossing is the most contemporary and young trend, dedicated to those who have the creativity and the desire to break the rules. What is classic is deconstructed and decontextualized by strong and charismatic personalities, who need contamination to express themselves at their best. We are talking about a woman who loves freedom, who dreams of travelling and opening her horizons, to get to know different cultures, practice sports and live as much as possible in contact with nature. Urban Crossing is the favorite trend of women who do not like to feel locked in rigid definitions and who flirt with their image transforming it every day.

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