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Hair loss can be difficult to deal with, particularly the psychological symptoms.


In addition to hair loss, oiliness can can become a secondary condition, typically seen in males but can be found in women too.



There are many conditions under the Alopecia umbrella but all conditions have one thing in common: loss of hair. The various causes and linked conditions is where we find the correct course of treatment.

We naturally lose an average of 100 hairs a day, this is the natural life cycle of the hair and cannot be confused with a hair loss condition, at various stages we can lose

an excess of hair temporarily. To distinguish the difference you must look at the remaining hair and not the hair coming out.

With hair loss conditions an external or internal factor will be attacking the hair follicle and causing the hair to shrink or simply come away, this is where diagnosis and treatment is required.

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We offer a Scalp Purification treatment for £5.95 where the scalp is purified to gently clear the scalp and prepare it for the next stage of treatment. The scalp and hair are then cleansed with a natural hair loss shampoo to introduce the active principles to the scalp, the treatment is then finished with the Reinforcing Activator, we advise this to be continued at home. 


We recommend using our hair loss shampoo with a prescribed dosage of Activator. We do not recommend the use of commercial shampoos that supposedly offer the same result; these only offer a short-term answer and will not help in the long-term. 

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