Men's Hair


Men require specific treatment to take care of the hair and scalp with frequent washing and without conditioner.

To achieve this level of care we must use high quality, natural, active ingredients and energize the hair ready for styling while purifying and re-balancing the scalp.

How to Treat Men's Hair

All men require some form of specific treatment, whether it's for speed, frequent washing, thinning hair, impure, sensitive or oily scalp. Each treatment needs to be quick and easy, saving time and effort in a man's cleansing routine.

Active principles such as Taurine, Clay, Vine Stem Cells, Cucumber, Orange or Lemon can have a massive effect when introduced through the medium of an easy-to-use shampoo.

Using professional styling products will help to continue the level of care with the same effort as traditional styling products but without causing damage to the hair or scalp.

 How to Cleanse Men's Hair


In-Salon & At Home

Black Energy Shampoo

Created for frequent use, it contains Taurine, Clay, Conditioning Fixatives, and Vitamin E. It’s a professional recommendation for the vitality of the hair, respecting the scalp.

200ml bottle

Reinforcing Shampoo

Cleanses respecting the scalp’s hydro-lipid barrier and physiological pH, leaving hair with body and vitality. Especially indicated for treating men’s hair, and effective help in hair-loss treatment.

With Extract of Vine Stem Cells, favours the longevity of scalp and follicle cells. With no SLES and sulphates, gluten, parabens and allergens.

1000ml-250ml bottle

Purifying Shampoo

Specific anti-dandruff cleanser.

It eliminates dandruff gently, respects the skin's hydro-lipid film, soothes itches quickly and makes all hair soft, easy to comb and well conditioned.

1000ml-250ml bottle

Balance Shampoo

Physiological pH cleanser.

Ideal for oily scalps and all hair types, it leaves hair soft, moisturized, untangled, light and full of volume.

1000ml-250ml bottle

De-Stress Shampoo

Soothing, pH balanced shampoo.

Specific for sensitive skin, cleanses delicately guaranteeing an effective freshening action.

1000ml-250ml bottle

How to Style Men's Hair


-Be You-


The exclusive finishing & styling line that enhances the hairdresser's skills and gives each man a truly personal style.


Hair is pliable and stimulating in a hairdresser’s hands. For the best result, BY proposes a three-stage service.


Prepare the base by giving definition, texture and support to wet hair with these BY products which let you create a flawless styling.


Shape the locks, sculpt the volume and improve the texture of dry or semi-dry hair.


Fix, control and enhance the final result! Sign your creation with the touch that highlights it.



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