What is Fine Hair?

Everybody's hair has a different texture and density, for those with finer hair the hairs themselves are thinner than average hair strands or the distribution of hairs can be less than the average head of hair.

This is a particularly difficult hair type to deal with as traditional treatment and styling products can be too "heavy" for the hair and can cause the hair to become damaged, dry out, or be overloaded with oils. For the hair to be correctly cared for and to achieve the best styling results a more specific approach must be adopted.


Fine Hair

Sparsum Caput

Particularly thin hair is also fragile. It tends to get heavy and lose volume much faster than thicker hair.

A gentle and light treatment, enriched with active ingredients capable of structuring the hair so that it maintains tone and volume for a long time, is needed.

Volumizing Shampoo

Cleanser for fine hair.

It removes sebum and impurities without drying up the hair.

1000ml-250ml bottle

Volumizing Conditioner

Gel conditioner for greater lightness.

It has a thickening action that increases the hair's thickness and texture, thus making it easier to comb and style.

1000ml bottle-250ml tube

Volumizing Spray

Concentrated cream for hair enhancement.

It gives the hair thickness and texture without making it heavier. It allows for easy styling thanks to its natural and long-lasting support.

100ml bottle

How to Treat Fine Hair


We offer a 45 minute Restructurig Hair Treatment for £15.45 rich in Marine Collagen to offer a "plumping" action to the hair shaft and Hydrolyzed Keratin to repair and strengthen from inside the hair structure, all with a weightless action to favor volume.

At Home

We recommend using our Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray to maintain healthy hair with a weightless action, these can be used in conjunction with any of our BY styling products. We do not recommend the use of commercial shampoos that supposedly offer the same result; these will still overload the hair and potentially waste your money on gimmick products.



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