What is Dehydrated Hair?


Hair is made up of 15% moisture. Through environmental factors, aggressive services or treatment, and heat the hair can lose part or whole of this moisture resulting in coarse feeling, rigid hair. 

To replenish this moisture and restore health we must use the correct hygroscopic principles to attract moisture out of the air and penetrate into the hair


Dehydrated Hair

Comae Sicco


Each hair type needs to always be hydrated and nourished.

For a deeply conditioning action and an exceptional result, nothing is better than Argan Oil, a rare essence through which the traditional cosmetics comes at the service of the most advanced trichology.

How to Treat Dehydrated Hair


We can restore the hair's natural moisture with a quick in-salon treatment, with instant, transforming results for £15.45.

At Home

We recommend using our hydrating range to restore nourishment to the hair and maintain the results of the in-salon treatment. We do not recommend the use of commercial ranges that supposedly offer the same result; these can have the reverse effect resulting in a hydrated coating blocking the introduction of moisture into the hair shaft.

Sublimis Oil Shampoo

Delicate nourishing conditioner.

It moisturises the hair and makes it softer. Its soft foam is enriched by the amazing properties of Argan oil.

1000ml-250ml bottle

Sublimis Oil Conditioner

Conditioner for thin or normal hair.

It gives hydration, silkiness and smoothness to the hair and makes it easy to comb. Its light texture penetrates the hair fibre and brings all the benefits of Argan oil without making the rest of the hair heavier.

1000ml bottle-250ml tube

Sublimis Oil Deep Treatment

Mask for thick or very dry hair.

It nourishes and strengthens, softens and illuminates. Its consistency allows it to bring active ingredients deep within the hair, thus making the reconditioning action even more effective.

200ml jar

Sublimis Pure Oil

Regenerating protective treatment.

Its rich formula combines the incomparable virtues of Argan oil with a mixture of vitamins, conditioners and protective filters. It moisturises dry hair, revitalises treated hair and has an anti-ageing effect.

125ml bottle

Sublimis Light Shine Oil

Polishing treatment for thin hair.

It polishes hair and enhances colour brilliance. Its light texture is particularly suitable for thin hair, which becomes easy to comb and acquires new light without becoming heavier.

125ml bottle

Sublimis Oil All Day Emulsion

Hydrating emulsion spray for hair, for daily use.
Regenerates hair fibre making hair softer, silky and really easy to manage, without weighing it down.
Effective immediately; eliminates frizz.

150ml bottle

Ultimate Care In-Salon Treatment

Hydrate in depth, fill pores, close cuticles and smooth the hair surface: that is the extraordinary power of Morphosis Ultimate Care.
An instant, visible result from the perfect harmony between nature and cosmetic science taking hair care toe the highest quality standards.
Morphosis Ultimate Care gives hair back its beauty in just a few intense minutes.

The Perfect Synergy

  • LOTUS FLOWER WATER: anti-oxidant and soothing

  • BY-PRODUCT OF VITAMIN C: makes the shaft shine and gives the scalp well-being

  • COLOR-SAVE TECHNOLOGY: helps prolong color radiance

  • LIQUID CRYSTALS EMULSION: Spreads main principles into hair

  • PLANT MICRO-PROTEINS: penetrate hair fibre in depth regenerating the shaft



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