Damaged Hair

Caput Iniuriam


When the hair is dry, opaque and porous, its first need is the thorough repair of its deep structure and surface.

The optimal result is obtained by means of a treatment providing reviving substances that cling to the hair and restore it to its natural flexibility and brilliance.

What is Damaged Hair?

Cosmetic colour, blonding and heat are the three main causes of damage in hair, the Disulphide bonds that create the structure of the hair between the Keratin molecules will break when exposed to excessive oxygen from cosmetic colour and blonding or excessive heat.

When studied under a microscope we will see the Cuticle scales lifted and sometimes missing through deconstruction. If the Cortex becomes damaged the strand can snap at the point of weakness resulting in much shorter hair and continued damage down the hair shaft. 

Prevention is the best form of treatment however, if the hair has suffered damage it can be treated. The deeper the damage the more intense the treatment needs to be and the longer it can take.

 How to Treat Mild Damaged Hair


We offer an Illuminating Hair Treatment for £15.45 where a specific serum is infused into the hair shaft through heat.

At Home

We recommend using our repair range to maintain the results of the in-salon treatment. We do not recommend using commercial ranges that boast the same results, the concentration of active principles is too low to have an effect on the hair.

How to Treat Severe Damaged Hair


In the worst cases of damage we offer a combination treatment for £24.90 and would require up to 6 sittings to fully reconstruct the hair.

At Home

We recommend using our reconstruction range to maintain the integrity of the hair in between sittings. We do not recommend the use of commercial ranges that supposedly offer the same result; the concentration of active principles is too low to have an effect on the hair.

Repair Shampoo

Delicate and moisturising cleanser. It untangles and makes hair soft by leaving it shinier and thicker and preparing it for nourishing and repair treatments.

1000ml-250ml bottle

Repair Conditioner

Conditioner for thin or normal hair. It does not make hair heavier and makes damaged hair easier to comb. Ideal to recondition and protect after bleaching, straightening and permanent waving.

1000ml bottle-250ml tube

Repair Rich Treatment

Mask for thick or damaged hair. It deeply nourishes thanks to restorative ingredients such as almond proteins and Hyaluronic acid, which also protects the cuticle.

200ml jar

Repair Velvet

Smoothing liquid with fill-up effect. It fills the hair's most porous parts, making it uniform, shiny and thick. It eliminates the frizzy effect and facilitates styling.

100ml bottle

Re-Structure Shampoo

Ideal for severely damaged hair, thanks to its innovative, marine collagen formula it performs an effective revitalising action, extending the beneficial effects of the treatment performed in the salon.

250ml bottle

Re-Structure Conditioner

Deeply revitalises severely damaged fine to normal hair. Thanks to the power of its main principles it restores hair’s natural beauty making hair shiny and easy-to-comb.

250ml tube

Re-Structure Leave-in

Conditioning, regenerating, emulsion spray for severely damaged thick hair; no rinsing needed. Instant revitalising, nourishing action. Sprayed uniformly after MORPHOSIS RE-STRUCTURE SHAMPOO on towel-dried hair, or distributed on hair by hand, makes it soft and shiny in an unequalled way, leaving hair manageable and disciplined.

150ml bottle



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