Dehydrated Hair

Comae Sicco


Each hair type needs to always be hydrated and nourished.

For a deeply conditioning action and an exceptional result, nothing is better than Argan Oil, a rare essence through which the traditional cosmetics comes at the service of the most advanced trichology.

What is Damaged Hair?

Hair that has been treated with a permanent cosmetic colour has gone through a process where the product has changed the pH of the hair to open the Cuticle of the hair and penetrate deep into the Cortex. Here the product will release oxygen into the Melanin pigments to lighten then if need be and then the cosmetic colour pigments will expand and stay locked in the hair. During this process there will be various protective ingredients reinforcing the hair structure for a better colour result and healthier hair post-service.

Semi-permanent cosmetic colour does not penetrate the hair structure but will secure it's colour molecules under the Cuticle scales.

After the colouring process a pH balancing system will be used to return the hair back to it's natural pH and lock in the new cosmetic pigments while protecting the hair from external damage.

 How to Achieve Coloured Hair


We offer many colouring services with semi-permaent colour refreshing from £10.95, permanent or demi-permanent regrowth colouring from £16.45 and full head colouring from £28.95.

How to Treat Coloured Hair


For extra care we suggest a Pro-Force upgrade for £8.95 to protect the hair during the colouring process and minimize structural damage. We would suggest follow-up in-salon treatments depending on your requirements from £14.95 to keep the health, strength and luminosity of your new coloured locks.

At Home

We recommend using our colour care range to maintain the new colour and correctly nourish the hair. We do not recommend the use of commercial shampoos that supposedly offer the same result; these can have the reverse effect resulting in rapid colour loss and depletion of hair condition and strength.

Color Protect Shampoo

Mild cleanser for coloured hair.

It helps prevent cosmetic colour's deterioration by giving the hair a more brilliant look.

1000ml-250ml bottle

Color Protect Conditioner

Conditioner for normal or thin coloured hair.

It gives brilliance, silkiness and softness by protecting the colour and preventing it's fading. It protects the hair from the stress of hair styling.

1000ml bottle-250ml tube

Color Protect Intensive Treatment

Mask for thick or very dry coloured hair.

It nourishes and deeply moisturizes giving the hair extraordinary softness. Enriched with shea butter, it protects the hair and prolongs color life while keeping its intensity and brilliance unaltered.

200ml jar

Color Protect Bi-Phase Spray

Biphasic spray perfect for longer lasting colour, it makes hair silky smooth and increases light refraction, enhancing the intensity of cosmetic colour. Makes hair soft and hydrated without weighing it down. It's anti-frizz power makes hair easier to comb and protects it against iron and hairdryer heat.

150ml bottle



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