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We would like to give a massive thank you to all of our amazing clients and our team members from over the last 8 years for their loyalty, custom, and memories they have created.

Also to the companies we have dealt with along the way and our sister business that we have had the privilege of working with in the same building.

Lastly, to my family who have provided financial support over the years and kept Crayg Ward Hair Clinic able to help people year after year.



THE CLINIC When will the clinic be closing? Our last day will be Sunday 28th August 2022 and will be closed thereafter. Why is the clinic closing? To cover the costs of the premises we require the income of 3 or more stylists, since 2019 we have had 1 stylist with the occasional 2nd stylist, no suitable applicants have come forward in this time. This has accumulated over £30,000 debt and financial assistance is no longer available meaning we cannot survive any further time period waiting for applicants to come forward. When is the closing party? The date still isn’t set but it will be within the last week of August.

BEAUTY LOUNGE & VITALITY SPA Will the Beauty Lounge and Vitality Spa be closing too? No, our sister businesses and the Vitality Spa will not be affected by this change, you can still make and attend appointments as normal. How will I get to my appointment if you’re closed downstairs? Your therapist will more than likely be there to meet you but there is a doorbell you can use to grab someone’s attention

APPOINTMENTS Can I book an appointment before you close? Yes, clients who have an active account with us can make appointments as normal before we close although time slots may be very limited. I have an appointment after the closing date, what should I do? You do not need to do anything, we will contact you to see if you would like to move your appointment to before we close or cancel. I am a new client, can I make an appointment before you close? Unfortunately, we need to give priority to our current clients so new clients will not be able to book in. You can however, book a consultation to get our advice before we close but this is no longer a free service and will cost £5.95.

PRODUCTS I love your products, will I have to stock up before you close? I would say, make sure you have enough product to last at least 3 weeks. If not, please purchase one before we close. What can I do if I run out before you go mobile? If you run out after the 3 weeks, but before I go mobile, you can use our online shop to order your products and these will be posted out to you.

WEBSITE Will the website still be active? Yes, some features and information will be changing with the new mobile business but there won’t be any downtime. Can I still order products online? Yes, there will be a period of 3 weeks after 28th August when our shop will be down due to stock levels and updating then you can order as usual. Will I still be able to find information about the Vitality Spa and sister businesses? Unfortunately, after 28th August we will no longer be affiliated with those businesses so their information will not be accessible via our website.

FUTURE OF CRAYG WARD What will be happening after you close? There will be an unknown lull period, could be a few weeks up to a few months, then Crayg will be going mobile. I am a client of another stylist, will Crayg still do my hair mobile? I would not like to say “no” but it will be unlikely there will be availability once my personal clients have been sorted. What can I do with my hair during the lull period? We have all been in the situation where we have had to go months without having our hair done through the COVID-19 lockdowns so we are all capable of surviving the lull period. This time however, you have the option to go to another stylist, whoever’s client you may be if you would like to do this I will be more than happy to produce an information sheet that you can hand to the stylist that will detail key points specifically for your hair as well as step-by-steps and diagrams. How can I book with you once you are mobile? I will be sharing details closer to the time. I will still have our client database so that I can contact you directly to keep you up to date. What is happening with your other stylists? Unfortunately, their futures are currently uncertain. Taylor potentially has the chance to work at a salon in Walsall but may be taking time out of the industry to complete her driving and start going mobile herself. Freya will be returning to her mobile business although only part time while having an employed job outside of the industry for guaranteed income.

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Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye the one of the UK's most unique salons. But this isn't the end of Crayg Ward!